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To talk to a reference please call our office for a clients phone number.

Maritime Insulators believes in 100% customer satisfaction. When we do the job we do it right ,with no hidden costs or fees. Here are just a few satisfied customers comments

The boys were great! Even when they had a few curves thrown at them considering it is an 1850 house they adapted and found a solution.

Much appreciated!

Bruce - Waverley

Thanks for the great insulation installation. Nick and Keagan were very diligent in their work and  very respectful of our home throughout the job. Great young people to have working for your company. 

Harry - Hebbville

I cant thank you guys enough. Fitting us in on short notice exceeded my expectations. But taking note after the spray foam was applied on the short rim joist space by the stairs when I hadn’t asked for it and not charging me was incredibly honest. But when you note on the invoice that there was damage to the attic hatch and gave me the opportunity to that is amazing. You guys are the very very best....and the honesty and pricing is surpassed by none. No worries on the attic hatch...the boys easily repaired it.

Much appreciation ...Thank You.

Studio Homes - Truro

You have some good workers. Those two young guys didn't stop and they left the site very clean and tidy. We're really pleased.

John - Halifax

I think it's worth mentioning, if all your guys are as polite and outgoing as the two that you sent too do my job, consider yourself lucky. They are a good representation for your business and I was very pleased with them. 

Larry - Upper Branch Road

Linda here.  I just wanted to let you know that the two guys that were here today were exceptional.  Both my mom and my brother as well as myself commented on how professional they were and very friendly.  I would highly recommend your company based on the service I received today.

Linda - Dartmouth

Yeah, the spray job looks great.  Nice and even finish, minimal overspray, good build up, fairly uniform surface.  I dig it.

Nick - Halifax

I wanted to say how amazing your product is and your service is bar none. The guys came and were very professional and worked extra long hours to get the job done. Then after a long day, they cleaned up. I was extremely impressed! Expect to do all our homes from now on. We will never insulate again. ....not that its a difficult job doing it ourselves but when your product does so much better of a job and its not that expensive....and it gets done so quickly and...we didn’t have to touch it.....well we are very happy with the whole thing.


Cindy, the crew were lovely, and they were so amazingly efficient and the job so expertly done, I thank you. But by far the best report is the difference in the heating in my house, it is HUGE!! If you ever need testimonial on your website, I'd be fine with you're using this email as a blurb.

Donna - Halifax

Thanks! I’d just like to say what an excellent your guys did on the house. The quality of work, advice on future maintenance and dedication to a high standard was much appreciated and made the payment of this service VERY worth it.

Thanks again and I will recommend your service to anyone else looking to get the same work done.

David - New Ross

I also wanted to pass on that the crew was great- great client service orientation and simply good, efficient trustworthy guys who arrived on time and worked their butts off while they were on site. Please pass this on to whomever owns/manages the business.

Jeff - Wolfville

My home is important to me and my family. If I'm going to let someone drill holes in the walls for insulation, I want to trust them and know they'll do a good job.

Danny and the team from Maritime Insulators were recommended to us by a friend. Danny was fast to respond when we requested a quote. His friendly manner and patience were welcome qualities, as our insulation project involved a number of different stages and techniques. Danny took the time to explain what was involved with blown-in and spray-on insulation and came back to us with a reasonable price for the job.

Any worries I had about the process were quickly put to rest by the Maritime Insulators team. From the outset they proved that their work was expert, thorough and tidy. Danny, Robby, Brian and Murray were happy to explain what they were doing at various stages and to work through any issues that arose during the job.

They took pains to protect the house and to tidy up after themselves. I am particularly impressed at the care they took in removing and replacing siding and shingles for the blown-in insulation, as well as protecting our belongings while they were spraying. Just as importantly, the insulators were a friendly, family team that I could trust.

Our home already feels better. I’m confident that this insulation will make a big difference to our comfort and heating bills this winter.

Simon - Halifax

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